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"I wanted to email and thank you for all your hard work on my claim. It has been a very difficult time for myself since my husband passed away. The claim could have been a really hard thing to cope with but the kindness, compassion and efficient way that you work made it a lot easy to cope with. I'm grateful for the support that you've given me and all the hard work you did in getting a very successful outcome. Mesothelioma took a lovely man from his family far too early. But this claim means my husband can rest in peace knowing that his family are financially secure which as you know was all he was concerned about even in the last few days at the hospice. Thank you so much " Thank you
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Hearing loss and Tinnitus Claims


Are you suffering from hearing loss and/or tinnitus as a result of working in a noisy place of work?

We as a team have recovered compensation for thousands of clients in the Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire area who have suffered from noise induced deafness.

Industrial Deafness can be caused by a noisy environment at work.

Have you been exposed to noise at work...either as

  • A one-off loud noise such as an explosion in a factory or
  • Over a prolonged period of time by loud machinery or engines?

It is not always immediately obvious that your hearing has been damaged. Hearing loss is typically noticed when

  • You have to turn the television volume higher level
  • You are constantly having to ask people to repeat themselves
  • You find it difficult to have a telephone conversation
  • Conversations are difficult in a public place or in places where there is background noise
  • You notice a ringing or buzzing noise, known as tinnitus
We will assist you in pursuing a claim not only for the damage caused to your hearing but also if appropriate for hearing aids to improve your hearing and for tinnitus masking aids to provide relief from the ringing or buzzing noises. 
Information on tinnitus http://bit.ly/WAEwVU  and  hearing aids http://bit.ly/YBcb7g  
Festival Law are supporters of Tinnitus Awarness week
If you have any questions after reading this information and would like to discuss your potential claim then please contact us for free no obligation advice.

You can speak to a qualified solicitor who will be able to advise you as to what compensation you could be entitled to and how to pursue a claim on a no-win no-fee basis

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